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News Release

Sounds of Christmas
Elfindale Chapel at Cornerstone Church
1701 S Fort
Springfield, MO
December 14 -- 11:30 AM
Special "Holiday"Luncheon menu available at the Mansion following the concert

The Messiah Project of Springfield, Missouri, is pleased to host the Krakow chamber orchestra Forum Sinfonia.  Their delightful performance will feature a wide variety of music, including Polish and international carols and Christmas music.  There is no better way to celebrate the holiday season than by spending an evening with these world class artists.

Forum Sinfonia Chamber Orchestra, founded by conductor Piotr Sulkowski, was organized to perform at the "Young Composers' Forum," a festival held originally in 1993.  The commitment of the ensemble members resulted in the continuation of the event.  Acting under the auspices of the Academy of Music in Krakow, Poland, Forum Sinfonia's prize-winning performances have brought them many awards and engagements throughout Europe and the USA.  Their CDs contain music from Four Seasons by Vivaldi, Serenada by Czajkowski, and the German musical Deorecording.  Their repertory ranges from Baroque to contemporary compositions such as those by Widlak, Chyrzynski, Minqjiqi, Lakaszewski, Zielinski, and Dziadek and includes many first performances.

This year's conductor is MACIEJ TARNOWSKI, a very proising musician from Poland.  Mr. Tarnowski has served in principal positions as both artist and conductor.  As a clarinetist, he collaborated with a variety of established conductors, including Piotr Sulkowski.  In 2010, he established the Sinfonia Speranza Symphonic Orchestra, consisting of students and graduates of Polish music academies.  At the invitation of the Museum of the Warsaw Uprising, Sinfonia Speranza together with its Chief Conductor contributed to the celebration of the 67th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising.  Under Tarnowski's baton this orchestra has performed many masterful works.  In addition to a very busy performance schedule, Tarnowski is currently studying his Diploma in Symphony and Opera Conducting under the guidance of Professor Antoni Wit at the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw.

Included on our 2012 Performance Tour are traditional carols (Silent Night, First Noel, and What Shall We Give), Albinoni's Cocerto for Two Oboes and Strings, Vivaldi's Concherto for Two obooes and Strings, Handel's Arrival of the Queen of Sheba plus such other concert works as the annual favorite collection of Polish Christmas Carols.

Members of the Forum Sinfonia Chamber Orchestra are Mateusz Jedrysesk and Bartek Staniak (First Violin); Anna Gorecka and Zosia Konieczna (Second Violin); Maria Ostrowska and Marta Czepielowska (Viola); Iza Krzywdziak/Jedryse (Cello); and Damian Pytel (Concert Bass). The concert will also feature, from the United States, Dr. Dan Ross and Katherine Bowden (Oboe).