A Clarion Call                     Christian Fine Arts Organization In Springfield, Missouri


A Clarion Call

In a world fragmented and confused,

A clarion call -

As a trumpet-sounds forth among

The people of God

To gather in His name,

To remember His goodness,

To proclaim His faithfulness,

To show forth His praise

Among the nations, among all peoples.

Tenants of Faith and Purpose 

 Matters of theology: In order to be inclusive but not compromising in our position, we have adopted the Apostles' Creed which can be found in many prayer books. This is universally accepted by both liturgical and evangelical faiths as a solid confession of faith. If a person says this creed with his mouth and believes it in his heart then he is saved and has a personal relationship with Jesus. Our goal is that people, no matter where they are in their spiritual walks, be drawn to God and to His son Jesus.

The work of the Holy Spirit: I believe that when a person is born again, the Spirit of God speaks to, teaches, encourages, comforts, empowers and gives direction to his/her life. The Holy Spirit is referred to as the "paraclete"--the one who comes alongside as a friend.

Ecumenical platform: I was raised an Episcopalian, was Associate Pastor and elder in a Word of Faith Church, and now work a great deal with the evangelical churches, Baptist, Assemblies of God, etc. I find a rich heritage in the main line denominations and a scarlet thread of truth and hope in Christ-centered denominations and churches. The body of Christ is wonderfully and beautifully different with many different colors and sounds. I continue to learn so much from the believers in the different churches and, as we come together in these missions, we all learn to appreciate the body of Christ from different perspectives.

Why the Arts: We believe that the word of God is the foundation to our faith. Art is simply a way to communicate beyond the intellect to the soul of man. Many intellectual people have written off the Bible and the principles of Christianity, and art is the only way that they can be touched. C.S. Lewis, one of this century's most profound writers and philosophers, said that when he was an atheist his soul was baptized by good Christian art. I also know that when unbelievers are spoken to by a group of believers who represent many different expressions of the Christian faith, they are astonished by how we can minister together as we lay down our denominational flags and lift up the banner of Jesus. This is especially true in Europe where there is so much strife between denominations.