A Clarion Call                          A Christian Fine Arts Organization In Springfield, Missouri



We are not simply providing space for the arts, but also inspiring dreams of children while providing a haven for the Christian arts. Your support means this place of preparation and learning will continue to bustle with activity. By supporting our building fund you are enriching the entire community with your gift.

Your generous donation to The Messiah Project now will enable us to continue to recognize and support the people who are paving the path to a Christian community center for the arts. Contact Lindsey Robison at 1-888-574-6074


TO JOIN OUR TEAM O' TENS print the form on this page  - complete it and send it to us at:


The Messiah Project
931 S Kickapoo
Springfield, MO 65804     




Membership has its privileges

A Team O' Ten's member is an individual who gives $10 per month or $120 per year.

Team members are entitled to one free ticket to all Messiah Project sponsored events.

Team members who donate (in addition to $10 per month) 10 hours a month in service or

   performance ministry qualify for additional benefits:

     • Priority seating at events.

     • Mention in publications and performance programs.

The Messiah Project Inc. Response Card for Team O' Ten Campaign


Address____________________________________ City____________________ Zip_______________

Telephone #__________________________________ E-Mail Address__________________________

___  I want to join the Team O' Tens. 

        _____ I make a pledge of $10 per month for one year (or a one-time gift of $120)

        _____ I enclose a one-time gift of  ____$20,    ____ $50,    ____ $75,   ____$_______

        _____  Please set up an automatic credit card payment for $____ a month on Master Card or Visa

                   Number _____________________ Exp Date________ each month on the ___ of the month.

___ I can support the ministry with $_________ monthly - $_______ quarterly - $______ annually

___  Please contact me to set up an automatic checking/savings monthly withdrawal.

___  Please send me a set of 12 pre-addressed envelopes

___ I want my Team O' Tens membership to support Credo Dance Academy.

Note:  Gifts may be made as a one-time donation, monthly, or quarterly.  The Messiah Project is a 501(c) (3) not-for-profit fine arts organization.  Contributions are tax-deductible.